The problem with normal pizza is that the combination of the gluten-filled crust and the dairy make it a very hard to digest food.  In fact, most people are sensitive so gluten and dairy and can experience symptoms including bloating, indigestion, fatigue, weight gain, skin breakouts, and headaches.

There is good news for you pizza lovers though.  A way to avoid the gluten-filled crust and the dairy.

Luckily, there are companies that make gluten-free and dairy free pizzas.  You want to start by getting one of those and using it as a base.  To that you can add the toppings that you want.  You can use goat cheese or other non-dairy cheese options.   Be sure to add lots of different color vegetables!



  • Store bought dairy & gluten free pizza (such as Daiya pizza) or gluten free pita/tortilla or rice cake or cabbage leaves


  • Organic tomato sauce or organic salsa or mix


  • Goat cheese or other dairy free options


  • Organic/grass fed beef, turkey or chicken
  • Any vegetables of your choice, the more colorful the better! Try using veggie superfoods such as garlic, kale, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and even eggs!


If you’re using the store bought pizza, heat it 25% of the time instructed, pull it out of the oven and add your homemade toppings, finish heating the pizza as instructed, enjoy

If you’re using rice cakes, pita or other bases, create your own pizza by adding the sauce of your choice, add your toppings (raw or sautéed vegetables and your choice of prepped meat) and goat cheese, heat at 410 for 9-12 min

Time saving Tip: 

If you’ve previously prepped meat and/or vegetables feel free to change it up by simply putting it on top of your pizza, rather than taking your time preparing new food.



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