A perfectly healthy dessert option and great snack idea for kids!

Can be virtually customized to all tastes and preferences.  All you need is some popsicle trays, a blender, and some creativity.  Add your family fruit, nut butter, protein powder, and almond milk into a blender, pour into trays, and freeze.

These popsicles are great non-dairy alternatives to ice cream from kids.  Dairy is a food that most kids are sensitive to, so we highly advise against dairy.  Almond is a great non-dairy alternative to milk and is a great base for making these popsicles.

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Add unsweetened almond milk to blender followed by banana, bluebeerries, eggs, peanut butter and protein powder
  2. Mix at a low speed until smooth
  3. Pour into ice cream trays and allow to freeze

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