Cooking Instructions:

Red Kidney Beans, Yams & Quinoa

  1. Soak red kidney beans in a bowl overnight
  2. In 3 separate pots, bring water to a boil turn stove temperature to low
  3. Add red kidney beans to pot 1 and allow to cook for ~1hr; add yams to pot 2 and cook until soft throughout (~20min); add quinoa to pot 3 and cook until fluffy (~10min)

The Mix

  1. Mash all cooked ingredients together in large bowl
  2. Mix unsalted butter into mix and spice with salt and pepper
  3. Roll up mix into a ball and press it flat onto a pan
  4. Sprinkle rice flour to cover outer layer of patty
  5. Oil pan with coconut oil and turn stove temperature to medium heat
  6. Cook until outer surface is golden brown (~5min each side)


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